Morning Thoughts

I’m a Slow Learner!

I find it difficult to fix a meal I can have for just one sitting. Usually I have leftovers for four to five more meals! Eating is something I do as a necessary habit. It isn’t really enjoyable…not like it was when I cooked for a family. I’m not sure how one adjusts to eating healthy at home when cooking for one. I’ve tried recipe books, I’ve tried frozen meals. And I’ve tried eating at fast food joints. Nothing satisfies. So I resort to my tried and true meals that once fed several people. And leftovers.

For a while I used an instant pot. I was able to make a meal in a short time by cooking the meat and veggies together. Yummy. Why aren’t I continuing to do this? It seems to be a lack of planning or wanting to plan meals that I don’t enjoy eating alone. I don’t remember any other time in my life where I ate alone. I came into this world eating with my mom! From that time on meals were family gatherings. Until my hubby moved to Heaven.

I’ve been in an adjusting period for over 8 years now. And I’m not adjusting well. I fill my cabinets and freezer with easy to grab food. I use the air fryer because it is quick. I’m quickly becoming the person my mom was after my dad passed. I remember calling her in the evening only to hear her say she had crackers and butter for dinner with a glass of milk. Now I understand.

I live a happy and contented life otherwise. I love my home, my hobbies, my friends, my family. I love the time with God. The quiet times. God is good! I think I’m just a slow learner.

Lifting my cup of tea and wishing you all a happy day to enjoy this day the Lord has made!