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Trusting God and Refusing Big Pharma

How does one age gracefully amid all the lies and chaos, the distractions, the many voices claiming truth? There was a time when I did battle with Satan over food. Since He didn’t win, I see him attacking in new ways geared to set fear in my heart. I suppose he doesn’t realize fear doesn’t reside in my heart any longer. Not since I’ve handed my concerns and fears over to God and relied on His strength to not take them back again.

The latest fear I quickly handed over to God was the realization that I’d given in to taking the blood thinners. Why? Because I began to fear having a stroke. Yesterday I received the monthly prescription notice from my insurance provider. First, I had rearranged my monthly budget plan to have the necessary funds to pay for my 90 day prescription. I began taking the med when it arrived. Now I see that medication cost is almost $1400!! My insurance paid almost $1300 and I paid the difference.

Problem? Well yes. First, I don’t want to contribute to funding these big pharma companies!! Second, I can’t afford to take this med on a regular basis. The structure of Medicare lists an amount of “total drug costs” which includes both my payments and my insurance payments. Once that amount is reached, an individual falls into a coverage gap. The individual then pays 25% for all medications, including generic ones. This lasts until the individual reaches “out of pocket costs,” not total costs, of $6550. This does not include any insurance payments made. If an individual is rich enough to afford this, the catastrophic coverage stage is reached where the insurance plan pays “most” of the cost for covered drugs.

I had a momentary feeling of fear. Then I lifted it to God and felt such a peace and understanding fill that spot. It was a wakeup call that I don’t need to place my trust in the big pharma companies for my life. I trust God, not Satan. Yes, the pharma companies tell me this drug helps much more than aspirin. It’s more than a blood thinner. I shrug. My life is in God’s hands. I will go back on the aspirin regime, be thankful, and know that whatever God has planned cannot be changed. I won’t live in fear and I won’t be part of the problem by helping big pharma.

As a Christian, I’m taking a stand not to give in to the fear tactics the government and media is thrusting on those who are not strong enough to see the truth of how human rights are being stripped away. Lifting my cup of tea and stating: On Christ the Solid Rock I stand! Gratefully. Thankfully. Happily.

2 thoughts on “Trusting God and Refusing Big Pharma

  1. As I grow closer to retirement, I admit I am terrified of how I am going to pay for insurance, eat, and pay bills.
    Thank you for posting this.


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