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So Many Stories Have Died

This is my grandfather. He was my mother’s paternal uncle who adopted her at five years old after the death of her parents. The people at the top are my great grandmother and great grandfather. This is a picture of a soldier going to serve his country during World War I. This picture brings back memories of a childhood with many ups and downs.

My winter’s project is to look through all the old pictures I own and piece together a book of memories and stories that will be lost one day. So many stories have died with the past, never to rise again. I don’t want to lose this heritage for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Sometimes I look at pictures of me when I was young and think back on all that has transpired throughout my life. There never was a time God didn’t have His hand on me, though at many critical times in my life I didn’t realize He was there.

My life is like a movie that has resonated with me, recalling scenes, both happy and sad. Maybe my family won’t be interested in reading about my life, about times in the past, but perhaps someday when they are my age, they will. And maybe it will trigger in them a passion to capture their lives in writing too.

The passion to write this final book is burning brightly in my soul. It’s like a calling. And so, with a little fear, I say yes. I will step out of my comfort zone and believe God has given me the skills to write the story with passion in an interesting way.

Lifting my cup of tea with joy in my heart and a thankful shout to the Lord for His goodness and mercy to me, a sinful woman.

7 thoughts on “So Many Stories Have Died

  1. I am excited for you! I’ve been doing this for several years! It is so fun finding new stories from relatives about my family and learning so many things. I wish you lots of luck and blessings in your endeavor, God Bless!


    1. Thank you, Andy! I’ll confess after saying yes to God’s call on this, I had a hard time sleeping last night! All the memories running through my mind. Finally, I got out of bed and began writing down an outline of things I wanted to include. My pen flowed across several pages before I could crawl back into bed! God bless you and what you are doing for the Kingdom.


      1. You’ll find your mind will continue like that. Things you do will trigger memories. Photos will too. Keep paper and pen next to your bed. Sometimes I wake in the middle of the night with a memory, lol.


      2. Thanks! I had lost the passion for writing fiction and totally retired after almost 15 years and 8 books. Now I’m finding that same passion for writing this personal book. I remember those nights of picking up the tablet from my nightstand in the middle of the night, or recording thoughts while I was driving or on my lunch hour at work. I don’t regret retiring, though sometimes the desire to put my books back on the market and write again sometimes teases the writer in me.

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      3. One thing I will highly recommend is to make sure you save your work to two places. I had all mine on one USB drive. The drive died and there is no way to retrieve it. I was so disheartened I stopped for several years. I’m just now starting over. Fortunately I sent several stories to my brother and I got them from him.

        Sounds like You are quite a writer. My personal opinion is to put your books back o the market. I know you’ll pray about it.

        Retirement is so wonderful!


  2. How awesome! I’m super excited about this! I can’t wait to read all of these stories and see all of the pictures. 🥰


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