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Trapped in a Recliner!?!

I’m still laughing at myself from what happened yesterday afternoon! To set the picture, I keep a footstool in front of my rocker recliner. I like to rock in my favorite chair and in order to elevate my feet a little the footstool works great. If I pull up the built in footrest on the recliner then it won’t rock.

So yesterday I was enjoying a good read while sitting in my recliner. Eventually my eyelids grew heavy and I decided to go with it and take a little nap. So I raised the footrest and tipped the chair back a little to get super comfortable. A few minutes later the phone rang.

I tried to put down the footrest, but it wouldn’t go. It was hitting the footstool which was too close to the chair! The phone kept ringing. I answered it and chatted with my oldest daughter while still reclining. We talked for a little over 30 minutes. Then it was time to get out of the recliner.

I struggled. I tried to reach the footstool and move it, but couldn’t touch it. I tried to push the footrest down but it wouldn’t go. I wiggled to try and get out of the chair, but I couldn’t find a way. I was getting out of breath. Oh, no. I was NOT going to call for help. NO WAY! If the footrest came up, it had to go down, right? One would think this made sense. So why was I stuck?

I understand now how turtles feel when they are on their backs. Poor little things! I realized the truth of the situation when one is comfortably reclining. The heaviest part of the human body is deposited in a right angle. Arms and legs would move, but nothing else. I wiggled, I twisted, I tried movements this aged body should not be doing. I rested and breathed. This was ridiculous.

Every time I tried to use my foot to move the stool, my foot would cramp. Sigh. Finally, I squeezed my chest to my legs and reached for the stool. I touched it, but it wasn’t moving much at all. So I rested and breathed for a while. Then I repeated but used my other arm. This continued for several minutes until the footrest finally went back into place. Fifteen hours minutes had passed.

I had to rest for five minutes before my shaky limbs would hold me upright, and by then I didn’t remember why I needed to get up!

Lifting my cup of tea and leaving you with this word: God gave us a sense of humor. Use it to laugh at yourself, but only laugh with others not at them!

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