Morning Thoughts

Emotional Research, Writing, and Blessings

Researching history for the book I’m writing to leave for my family has been very emotionally draining. My father was killed during the Battle of Ormoc Bay when a kamikaze pilot struck the USS Liddle, the ship he was on. He was just a few weeks shy of his 20th birthday. Finding a picture of him standing on the ship with other seamen really stuck me deeply. I am very excited to know that one day I will meet him in heaven. Funny how I disliked history and geography when I was in school. Now it is very interesting to me. I’m looking forward to spending the colder winter months working on this project, God willing!

The day has finally chased the darkness at 8:10am. There is little happening outside my office window. All is calm. The porch lights are still on and the sky is not lit by the sun. Yet, God has given a new day and I’m grateful for life and all this day might bring. Lifting my cup of tea and offering a prayer for God to smile upon our country, bless His children, and heal us as only He can.