Morning Thoughts

A Peaceful Place to Rest

I was reading Isaiah 32 this morning and found comfort for this time. The chapter is all about Israel’s ultimate deliverance. It helped me to understand that God is at work even when I don’t see what He is doing. Verse 18 (NLT) says: “My people will live in safety, quietly at home. They will be at rest.” This is where I find my life. My home is my quiet place of rest, a place where I feel safe. Why? Because God’s presence is with me.

The chapter ends with verses: 19 and 20: “Even if the forest should be destroyed and the city torn down, the LORD will greatly bless his people. Wherever they plant seed, bountiful crops will spring up. Their cattle and donkeys will graze freely.”

Lifting my cup of tea as I give thanks to God for the blessing of a peaceful place to rest.