Guests, Wedding, and a Birthday

What a wonderful week! Don’t you just love the feeling when you are anticipating an upcoming event and you can’t contain the happy that keeps bubbling up in your heart? That’s the kind of week I had!

First, let me tell you about my birthday. I was born on October 31st. One thing about being born on that particular day is…people remember. It’s Halloween. That’s how my family and I celebrate the day. Many people tend to confuse Samhain with Halloween. No, we do not celebrate anything about the dead or spirits. We are Christians who love God. We celebrate the American tradition of Halloween in fun. It’s about just that. Laughing and having fun with pumpkins, costumes, and little children visiting neighbors and having candy added to their plastic pumpkins. And we celebrate my birthday. I always loved having my birthday on Halloween until some of my Christian friends thought Halloween was not to be celebrated because that meant celebrating evil and Satan. But God knows what is inside my heart. That’s what He sees.

So yesterday was my birthday. I had two very special birthday gifts from God. First, my youngest daughter sang in church. I thought of how proud her Dad would have been to witness her using the gift God gave her to worship Him. I thought of how my prayers for her had been answered. And I gave thanks for being blessed on the day of my birth.

Second, I attended the wedding of my granddaughter and her love. Oh, the glow of happiness and love that shone on their faces filled my heart to overflowing! What a wonderful gift I was given to be included in such a special day!

Who could ask for more on their birthday? Not me!

And now my grandson, who spent the last two nights here with me, along with his love, so they could attend the wedding, has left. The house is a little empty, but I’m preparing for my daughter to arrive on Tuesday. She will only be here one night, but I know God will bless the time we have together. On Wednesday, she will be traveling on to her new home in North Carolina, car loaded to capacity, and one very confused cat. I’m so excited for this new adventure in her life, and I know she will be happy to finally be settling into her and her hubby’s new life. He’s been in NC now for a couple of weeks because of working, while she’s been taking care of the last details of selling the old house and getting the furniture loaded with the moving company.

So, all the anticipation of the events of last week also gave me time to squeeze in some hobbies. I colored three pages in my Inspire Journaling Bible. Also colored two pages in coloring books, and made four more Christmas cards.

This week will be a little quieter but no less filled with God’s blessings. I will be spending a little more quality time with Him and doing some studies in the new Restoration Bible I gifted myself as a birthday present. I just realized that I am now 78 years old young! I don’t know how many years God has planned for my earthly stay, but I intend to accept each new day as a blessed gift and fill it with love and joy! Until next time…

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