Morning Thoughts

First Breath of Winter

The first breath of winter is in the air this morning and a freeze warning is in effect for tonight and tomorrow morning. All is quiet outside my window as I sip my morning cup of tea. Templeton is sitting beside me on my desk as he awaits his morning brushing.

Feeling very blessed to be enjoying the still of the morning with a warm beverage and a purring companion. Yesterday I was thinking God might be calling me home. I suffer from A-Fib. I suffered a very strong attack with chest tightness, jaw pain, and shortness of breath. that came on suddenly. A little over 3 hours later, after prayer and rest, all went back to normal.

My job on earth is still not completed, so I welcome this day with a joyful heart. Once all the excitement of seeing my daughter later today and wishing her well on her journey in the morning, I will settle into a routine that includes more resting, reading, and coloring.

Lifting my cup of tea with a smile and thanking God for each person who reads my blog. May you find joy in the little gifts He gives you as well as the bigger ones!