Morning Thoughts

God Warms the Cold with Love

A very cold morning to send off my daughter to her new home in NC. The temps dipped to 28 degrees here overnight and I woke to a white lawn! Now though it is still cold, the sun is shining on a pretty green lawn. I’m looking forward to settling in for the winter and getting anxious to smell turkey baking and to set up my Christmas tree.

This evening our church is hosting the first Sweet Life event for seniors. I’m looking forward to having dinner together with close friends and meeting new ones! It’s been a little busy here for the past five days, so an evening to relax and feel close to God is just what I need.

As I look back over the events of last week, I smile. So many blessings! Sometimes I get so overwhelmed, tears of thankfulness leak onto my cheeks. Lifting my cup of tea with a grateful heart filled with love. May your day be beautiful!