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Sweatpants and Jesus!

Oh, the title is very appropriate. Not that Jesus wore sweatpants. First, it was too hot where He placed His feet! But if He were to walk in person with me today, I’m sure He would appreciate a nice warm pair of sweatpants. But that isn’t what the title is about.

I’m spending my day in comfort wearing sweatpants to keep warm. In winter months, I suffer from episodes of being extremely cold in my home. Even though the inside temperature is 68-70, my body struggles to regulate body temperature. I often deal with icy hands and feet and shivering. It’s part of my fight with diabetes and heart disease and my age. During the summer I’m fine because I don’t run the A/C unless the temps are above 85. My home remains comfortable at 78-80 degrees.

But I cannot afford to set my heat that high! Especially this year when prices are skyrocketing. So I have a heated throw my daughter gifted me with. And I have my sweatpants! Okay, I digressed. Why the title?

Today I will be keeping warm in my sweatpants and spending the day with Jesus. I will be reading my Bible, documenting some scriptures, updating my Christian planner for 2022, and listening to Christian music. Later I plan to snuggle in my recliner and watch some episodes of The Chosen. Sweatpants and Jesus!

Lifting my cup of tea and asking God to bless you with your health and finances. And remember love is an action word!

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