Morning Thoughts

The Battle is Real

Ever give in to binges? Confession time, mostly to self, because what I did was dangerous to my health. I continually crave something sweet after dinner, so I don’t keep anything sweet in my home, since I am a diabetic. For me it is difficult to keep my carbs low during the day and I don’t want to fill myself with sugar before bedtime.

But yesterday I shopped for a few items with the intention of making fudge that tastes like Reese’s peanut butter cups, and while shopping, I was drawn to a package of mini chocolate iced donuts. I gave in to Satan’s temptation and purchased a container.

The draw of those donuts had my mouth watering and I placed them on my front seat. Yes, I ate four of them on my way home! Once I start eating sweets I cannot stop. By dinnertime I had consumed all but 5 of those donuts. Sigh.

For anyone who doesn’t suffer as a carboholic, it is probably difficult to understand how this can lead to binge eating. I know it is like pouring gasoline on fire to consume just one…cookie, slice of cake, or donut. I’m a diabetic and this can lead to a worsening of my condition and a need to use insulin.

So this morning, I tossed the remaining donuts. What happened yesterday was a slip, but today I’m determined to get back on track with good eating habits. Perhaps someone else suffers and doesn’t understand why these binges happen. You aren’t a loser, and you can overcome this. Not that it is easy. Truly, it takes an honest and deep relationship with Jesus for me to do battle with these attacks by Satan.

See, he knows our weaknesses, and will use this to entice us to make bad decisions and not turn to God for help. He tempted Jesus in the desert, but He was able to use scripture as a weapon. I need to do the same. I hope you will do the same.

For anyone who doesn’t understand, I ask that you pray for me and others like me, instead of judging. Lifting my cup of tea and saying out loud, “Just as I tossed the donuts, I am tossing you out of my life in the name of Jesus!”