Morning Thoughts

A Snowy, Cold, Day After

Thanksgiving was wonderful. Youngest daughter and her hubby hosted our family this year. So much yummy food. I tried everything, of course! I’m a family oriented person, and being with family really warms my heart.

This morning, I woke and it felt chilly. The rain we had been getting changed to a sleety snow. The rooftops are painted white and the grass is slowly getting a light blanket of snow. When I checked the thermostat I realized my furnace wasn’t working. It had dropped to 64 degrees. Thankfully I’m in a small condo so I’m staying warm by sitting in the kitchen next to the stove and it is set to 400.

Ah, aging gracefully isn’t always easy. I thought moving into a new condo four years ago where everything was brand new would be perfect for me. I do love it here, but there are drawbacks even to a new home. I’m hoping the furnace can be fixed without having to replace something major. I found a warranty page inside the installation manual but reading it says it should have been registered within 90 days of purchasing the condo. Sigh.

Trusting God in this. A solution will be found. He always makes a way! Lifting my cup of tea and wishing everyone a lovely weekend. Until then…love and prayers!