Morning Thoughts

Aging Gracefully with a Conflicted Mind?

I can at this moment call myself fully vaccinated for Covid. Yet, I still see signs requiring masks to enter establishments, or strongly recommend everyone wear masks. Sigh. The older I get, the less I trust anything. I received my flu shot last week, but nowhere does it say I need to wear a mask to protect against flu.

So I hear that vaccinated people can pass Covid to other people and that is why we need to be masked. What is the purpose of getting vaccinated if we can still get or pass on the virus?

Honestly, none of it makes sense. Sigh. My reasoning is because my doctor got his, I decided to get mine…before it becomes mandated. Our world is a crazy mess of contradictions, so I am trusting God.

The eye twitching issue I suffered with for over two months is fully relieved as of this morning. My doctor never did call me back after asking two other doctors for consultation, and sending me home with no resolution and a promise to follow up. He didn’t want to address the other issue I wanted to discuss with him until this one was resolved. I may be trying to age gracefully, but I’m a little miffed that my insurance company paid for this “wasted” visit. My friends and family prayed for me and God answered. He is the Great Physician! I owe this relief to God only!

In our crazy world today, it is difficult to age gracefully. To age with dignity, peace, and kindness. It is a way of life to be practiced daily with prayer. Lifting my cup of tea as November ends and I pray for a December that fills our hearts with hope.