Morning Thoughts

December Sadness and Joy

Though the month of June is a heavy month for me due to my husband being called home in June after a 10 day hospital stay, the month of December is a mixture of sadness and joy. I love celebrating the birth of Jesus, singing hymns about Him, and the nativity scene beneath the decorated tree.

But I’m missing the earthly presence of my husband. I know many other widows and widowers feel the same. The house seems much quieter during December despite the Christmas movies, Christmas carols, and Christmas cards. Tears press lightly against my eyelids.

The only One who can bring relief is Jesus. Spending time with Him in prayer gives me comfort. I might shed a few tears occasionally, but that is when I feel His arms holding me.

The last thing my husband would want is for me to be sad. He would want me to remember he is whole again with no more suffering and pain. He received God’s promise. And one day we will be together again.

This is all part of aging gracefully as a widow. We gather strength from Lord, trust in His promises, and move forward one day at a time, one hour at at time, one minute at a time. We put smiles on our faces when we are with friends and family. And we give thanks to the Lord for each new day, for our work here on earth is not yet completed.

Lifting my cup of tea this morning with a reminder that life is a gift and God wants us to enjoy it. We need to keep our eyes and heart open to the opportunities He opens and do what we know He is asking of us. Our suffering can help others if we use it wisely. God bless!