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There are No Limits to Aging

I read an article about a woman getting an award for aging gracefully. I was intrigued by the headline. After reading it I learned the award was given for her creativity in art and how she has continued despite reaching the golden age of 92. What a wonderful recognition and honor for her!

One should never think of age as a reason to stop pursuing a passion and talent. I’ve never possessed any artistic talents like painting or drawing. These are simply things that make me wish I could. Like listening to one play the piano. Music touches my soul and I sometimes wish I had the ability to create beautiful sounds on those ivory keys.

But we all have different talents. I can’t paint or draw, so I color the pictures others create. I can’t play music, but I listen to it and receive enjoyment. My aging gracefully with God is simply a matter of trying to live a good Christian life and deal with the changes without focusing on the negatives. Giving thanks for the beauty and the mercies God bestows every single day.

So never, ever give in to believing you must sit quietly and age. Instead keep a positive mindset and pursue your interests with a thankful heart. Lifting my cup of tea as I look at the beautiful blue sky God has painted for me. He is a master painter!

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