I Used To Do That!

Another cold morning. There was a time when cold and snow couldn’t stop me from heading out to work or an appointment. I used to shovel snow from my sidewalks and driveway. The cold invigorated me. Not so any longer.

I’m grateful to live in a home where the clearing of snow is not my concern. I appreciate placing my trash can outside my garage door without having to move it to the street to have the trash collected. These things made me feel grateful when I moved.

Now as I’m aging more, I’m even more grateful, but also a little sad. When I was younger, I never pictured myself as an old lady who would need help with things I used to handle with no difficulty. Sometimes I even feel a little guilty for being able to stay inside and keep warm. My mind thinks I could probably shovel snow, but in reality my arms aren’t that strong, nor is my heart.

I’m doing my best to age gracefully with God, but I admit it isn’t always easy! At times like this, when I begin to zero in on being an elderly widow, I need to get busy and do what I can! It is warm inside, and there are housecleaning chores to tackle. God provided the perfect snow-kissed and cold day for me! So I will rejoice and be glad in it! Now where is my duster?

Author: Carol Ann Erhardt

I'm a mother, grandmother, great grandmother, and best of all a child of God. The beautiful colors in God's world lift my spirits and give me inspiration. Every morning is a new beginning, and a blessed gift from God! I enjoy a cup of tea each morning and give thanks to my Savior for life eternal.

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