Morning Thoughts

The Question I Never Asked

I never did understand why my aunt’s hair was so thin I could see more scalp than hair. At the time I was a young teenager and very naive. I loved her dearly and never asked the question about her hair.

Now I’m older than my aunt was. My hair isn’t as thin as hers, but mine is not the thick mass it used to be. I am frustrated by the two cowlicks at the back of my scalp that want to part my hair and let the scalp shine through. I have to work to get any volume in my hair and then to get it to last.

I wonder if that is why older people keep their hair short. I have kept mine short for a number of years by visiting a hairdresser once a month. Now with the rising costs of living, I’m scaling back on a lot of luxury things like seeing my hairdresser. God knows the number of hairs on my head. I wonder if he is keeping a countdown! LOL! Life isn’t just about hair, or about how we look, but as a woman, I confess to the sin of vanity. I should feel blessed that I have hair because so many do not.

Lifting my cup of tea and realizing there are many areas of my life that need to change in order to age gracefully with God.