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Saying Goodbye Is Tough

My Templeton (18-1/2 year old cat) has become a lot more clingy in the last week. I notice the weight he’d put on is disappearing. His intestinal problem has gotten worse again suddenly with no explanation. He, like most animals, hides his pain. But I can tell from how gingerly he lowers himself his arthritis is getting worse, too.

As a loving pet owner, I don’t want him to suffer. But he seems to have a lot of life he wants to live, mostly being close to me when he is awake. I said goodbye to his brother and sister within the past year so I know Templeton and I won’t have a lot of time left together.

How does one make the decision on whether it is time or not to let them go? I’ve prayed that God will just take him quietly while he is sleeping when it is time. I don’t want him to suffer like his brother and sister did because I waited too long. But the thought of looking into his eyes and holding him as I watch him die at my bidding is heartbreaking. It goes against my nature.

Part of me wonders if I’m being selfish. I love him. He’s my last companion. I’ve made the decision not to adopt another pet. He is special. Always has been. He’s brought so much happiness, laughter, and love to my family over the years. He’s tough and stubborn. Is he hanging on for me? Or am I hanging on for him?

When we make the decision to adopt a pet into our family, part of that is knowing there will be a goodby in the future. And so I pray for guidance as Templeton and I spend our last days together. Lifting my cup of tea with a troubled heart.

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