Senior Life

A Special Morning with D!

D and Me…Her hand is the pretty one!

Ever had a special day where the unexpected blessings just left you thanking God over and over?

Yeah, that happened to me yesterday. I had planned to call my best friend, D, but I also needed to get to the grocery store to pick up trash bags. I was totally out! Can you imagine? No way!! I like to do my shopping early before the crowds take over.

So I was quickly scrolling through Facebook when I saw a response to a comment I made on D’s post the previous evening telling her I would call in the morning. She had responded that she would look forward to it, but that she had a doctor’s appointment in CW, the city I live in.

At this time it was nearly 8am. I responded by telling her she should just come to my house to visit instead of me calling her!

Okay, so I wasn’t thinking clearly. It was 8am and her doctor’s appointment was at 8:30am. She lives in a different city so I knew she was enroute already. She wouldn’t see that comment. But what if she had FB on her phone and looked at it while waiting for her doctor and saw my comment? If she did, then I’d have to wait until later to get my trash bags. I wouldn’t want to miss her! Sigh. What to do?

The old gears in the brain began to warm up and I decided the best thing would be to text her and ask her to come visit with a big “pleeeeeeese” ending the request. I hadn’t seen her since before Thanksgiving! The trash bags would wait until Tuesday. I had plastic grocery bags I’d use until then. So what if they piled up a bit?

Anyway, I digress. She texted me back a little after nine after her appointment and told me where she was and asked if I needed anything from Aldi’s. Really? That’s where I’d planned to go to get the trash bags on that very cold and wintry day! A win-win for me!!

About 20 minutes later, D showed up at my condo. She handed me the trash bags right away! Wow, two blessings in one! D was here for me to hug and I didn’t have to go out in the cold after all.

We had a wonderful visit with lots of laughs and trying to recall the names of people we’d worked with a LONG time ago when we worked at the same corporation. And the sun began to shine! It’s been so dreary here for way too many days. It’s like D brought the sunshine, the love, and the trash bags. God is so good!

Not a day goes by that I don’t wish D lived closer, like in the adjacent condo unit so we could spend more time together. Though we are very different in many ways, God brought us together and we have become forever friends. She’s a sister of my heart.

What a great day I had. And D if you are reading this, thank you again for coming to my place, for the love and laughter, the hugs, and for the trash bags which you wouldn’t let me pay for! I love you!

God puts people in our lives for many different reasons, sometimes for a season, sometimes for forever. I wish for everyone reading this to be thankful for these gifts. Cherish your friendships and nourish them.

Until next time…