Senior Life

Botox? Um, No Way!

Since October, I’ve had problems with the muscle under my eye spasming – like jumping up and down. It hasn’t been painful, just a little offsetting every time I look in a mirror.

I visited my primary care doctor the middle of November and he had no idea what was causing it. He took a video to send off for consultation. I was referred to an ophthalmologist on the 21st of December. I left the visit with elevated blood pressure.

The doctor is part of an eye surgery practice. When he entered he looked at the paperwork, reading it out loud. Then he stood at a distance and perused my face. “I can see it,” he said. Next, he walked forward and put his hands on my eyelids lifting them. “I can fix the droopy eyelids. Medicare will pay for it.”

What? That isn’t why I’d come. So I replied, “Not interested in doing that. It isn’t why I’m here.”

“Okay,” he said. “I’ll be right back with a botox injection.”

“Wait! What? I’m not interested in getting botox, especially having a needle that close to my eye.”

“Medicare will pay for it. There’s nothing to it. The lady who just walked out had it done. Besides, I’m good at it.”

Can you tell my blood pressure was already rising? “What is botox going to do? It’s not a cure, right?” I asked.

“Well, no. We’ll schedule you back again in three months for another injection.”

“Right. You want me to come in on a regular basis for botox injections. What is causing this eye issue?”

“I don’t know.” He came closer and looked. “But botox will sometimes relax the muscle and it will ease.”

“But it will return and I’ll have to come back, right?”


“So there is no cure. Look, I’m not a vain person. I’m not interested in getting routine botox injections, especially if you don’t know what this is and there is no guarantee.”

“Suit yourself. Come back in a month after you have time to think about it.” And with that he walked out.

I left with my blood pressure at a point that my head was hurting. I mumbled to myself all the way home. He was so arrogant and I felt all he cared about was getting money from Medicare! No way am I ever going back. If I have to have any future eye surgery, like cataract removal, I will not go to this doctor.

My eye is still having spasms, but they have lessened. I’m sure stress causes the problem to worsen like Christmas stress and having a cat with special needs. Now that the holidays are over, I’m more calm.

This week I’ve begun my new yearly focus on Bible study. As such I only colored one picture. I worked on it a couple hours a day for six days. The book is called “The Baker’s Dozen.” I’m now past the halfway point of finishing. It’s an illustrated story book. This is the book I want to finish in 2022.

Looking forward to a quiet week, with the exception of visiting my regular ophthalmologist for my yearly exam. Wishing you all a healthy week filled with many things to smile about. Until next time…