Senior Life

Guess What I Learned Yesterday!

I had my annual ophthalmologist appointment yesterday morning at 8:00am. Why I keep scheduling all my appointments that early is a question even I can’t answer! Even if I set my alarm to get up at 6am, I have trouble sleeping. Even took a 2 hour nap yesterday afternoon!

So what did I learn that surprised me? He also does botox injections and eyelid lifts! So I don’t understand why my primary care doctor sent me to the other guy. I mean, my primary care doctor is the one who sent me to my regular eye doctor three years ago so I would get a diabetic eye exam yearly. Sigh.

But I learned more about how common the botox injections are for eye twitching problems. And why eyelid lifts are important if the peripheral vision is impaired. But since my eye twitch isn’t affecting my eyesight at all, there is no reason to even discuss it at this time. Same with the drooping eyelids.

My ophthalmologist, let’s call him Dr. M so I don’t have to keep typing that long word, is wonderful. He has a very pleasant manner and he takes time to listen and provide answers. I do have cataracts which he is watching and will require future removal. He explained they are part of the problem I’m having with extreme sensitivity to sunlight. He even suggested two things that may help. One is to get a darker tint on my glasses and the second is to buy sunglasses that completely encase my glasses and provide a tinted side window. They may not be pretty, but if they help I’m going for it. They didn’t have the right size yesterday, but Friday they will be in.

He also cautioned me about keeping my blood sugar numbers stabilized. While there is no arterial damage behind the eye caused by the diabetes, the changes in prescription have been caused by the diabetes. So I’m on a mission this year to lose weight and do a much better job of balancing my blood sugar.

As we age, so many things begin to give out. These earthly tents weren’t made to last. Sometimes it is hard to accept when we have an eternal soul. My mind still wants to think I’m young until my body screams “stop!” LOL!

I want to live each day to the fullest and with joy. This is how God wants our lives to be. I’m fasting along with my church for 21 days and I gave up eating after dinner and all evening television. I must say the evening quiet time is quite refreshing and relaxing. I’m spending more time in prayer and reading. Since I begin my day with Bible Study this seems to add a balance to my day. Start and end with Jesus!

Thanking God for the three wonderful doctors who are all willing to listen and have such a calming spirit. Until next time…