Senior Life

It’s Free!

As I launch again into the world of writing Christian fiction, I have put my most highly Amazon rated ebook available for free through Sunday, January 23rd. Joshua’s Hope is a story of incredible love, indescribable loss, and forgiveness. I hope you will download it and it would be greatly appreciated if you would leave a brief review on Amazon. Thanks in advance!

Why am I doing this? It’s my way of reintroducing my books to the reading world. I’d pulled my books off publication for a while. It’s time to jump back into the huge ocean of published authors. I’m just a tiny minnow amongst the many large fish and sharks.

God fuels my gift for writing stories about how he works in the lives of ordinary people bringing good things from bad situations, and showing forgiveness in action. My books can be classified as emotional, suspenseful, and inspirational.

I’m finding so much joy in writing this new book which revolves around great loss, unexpected blessings in disguise, and forgiveness of self and others. I’ll be revealing more of the characters and touching on their stories as the writing continues.

In the meantime, if you haven’t read any of my books, here is a chance to read one with no obligation and no cost! I hope you enjoy.