Senior Life

Grow Where He Plants You

Another day much the same as the one before greets me as I type this. I love the window behind my desk that allows a view over the beautiful landscape of my condo home. As the seasons change, so does my view. I’ve no desire to live where there are no distinct season changes.

When I lived in the house prior to moving here, my office view wasn’t as beautiful. To help, I planted lilies and coneflowers in the garden area outside the window. The house was a bilevel which put my window at ground level. In the summer and early fall, I’d see brightly colored finches perch on the stems of the coneflowers and eat the seeds. It was fun to see them balancing as the stem moved with their weight.

In the warmer weather in this new location, I see neighbors walking their dogs, a variety of brightly colored birds, geese, ducks, an occasional rabbit or deer. The foliage changes with each season from vivid green to oranges to desolate barren trees. When winter arrives, I can see the large pond in the distance. In spring and summer, I can walk to the canal close to my condo and watch the geese and ducks swimming back and forth from the pond.

This is the perfect place to sit quietly and feel God’s presence and be thankful for what His hands have created. When I sit on the porch, I listen to the birds, windchimes and just relax knowing I’m not alone.

It’s in these quiet moments, I thank God for bringing me here. I am blessed.