Senior Life

You Can Teach an Old Dog New Tricks!

Yesterday I was in a learning mode. Ever have one of those days? And then at the end of the day I looked back and felt guilty that I hadn’t really accomplished anything visible!

My writing program had a huge update and I’ve been having difficulty finding all the things I need. I knew they were there and lots more new stuff, but I hadn’t taken the time to go through the tutorial. So I started doing that in midmorning and continued through early afternoon.

After dinner, I did my Bible study and decided I wanted to see how other people were taking notes in their Bibles. So I watched a few videos…long videos! LOL!

Overall, I learned a lot, but my brain was in overload. I knew it would be difficult to go to bed with my head swimming with thoughts and ideas. Sigh. Then I remembered…I could actually turn on the television tonight because my fasting time is over.

There is nothing as relaxing as a nice warm shower, body lotion, soft pajamas, and snuggling under the covers to watch a light-hearted program. Soon my eyelids were drooping and the program was watching me!

I’m hoping to have a more productive day visibly than yesterday…after I finish that software update training! All in all, I spent a lot of time with God yesterday and that always uplifts my day!

Here is my buddy coloring picture from January.