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Overcommit = Overwhelmed

I began this year with wonderful plans. I set up a table to be devoted to my Bible studies. I lined out all the things I wanted to accomplish daily in spending more time with God. All with good intentions.

It took a month before I admitted I was overwhelmed and some things I felt I HAD to do in order to follow through became a chore instead of a joy.

I believe women do this a lot. We have grown used to multitasking with working outside the home, raising children, cleaning, cooking, and maintaining relationships with friends, family, and if we’re lucky allowing for some “me” time.

So easy to overcommit. This sets us up for Satan to fill our heads with thoughts of not being good enough, being a failure, and low self-esteem.

I thought I had structured a perfect daily routine for 2022. It took becoming overwhelmed for me to turn to God and realize I didn’t have to do everything. Yes, they were all good things. But I’d taken on too many. God showed me I needed to cut back. When joy is no longer involved in our daily routines, perhaps it is time to reevaluate what is most important.

For me, that meant giving up one of my daily devotionals, which also included coloring, because I wasn’t approaching it with a happy heart but with a committed heart. A commitment which was unnecessary. Perhaps that will become my devotional for next year. But for now it is retired. And that’s okay.

I want my devotion time and my Bible reading/studying time to fill me with joy at learning more about who God is and who I am in His eyes.

2 thoughts on “Overcommit = Overwhelmed

  1. Made me stop and think about whether what I’m doing brings me joy or if I’ve added too many things in my day. Thanks.


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