Senior Life

Oh, Those Late Nights!

I’m looking longingly at the bed this morning. I’d like to be able to crawl back under the covers and sleep for a few hours. Nothing would stop me, except for fear of more difficulty sleeping tonight. Like last night, and the night before, and the night before. . .

Insomnia is a real thing. I believe it becomes a habit, too. I know staying up late is a trigger for me to not sleep easily. Lately, though, going to bed before 10 hasn’t helped. I’ve tried going through the alphabet, praying for every person I know whose name starts with each letter. I’ve tried reading. I’ve tried putting on a video of a person talking while coloring so I close my eyes and just listen. I’ve tried listening to audio books. Sigh.

Many times I get out of bed, make a cup of chamomile tea, and sit at my desk to color for an hour or so. Eventually, usually 3am or so, I do fall into sleep, only to wake at 7am, my usual time of rising lately.

Last night while I tossed and turned, my character voices were talking to me. The scene I’m writing began to play in my mind with the dialogue. I finally went into my office and began writing. I should have made a cup of tea, because the pouring out of my stored scene didn’t help to make me sleepy. Sigh.

Not sure how to break the cycle. I’m yawning, tired, and hoping for a good night’s rest until my body gets comfortable beneath the covers. I’ve heard this happens to many elderly people, but I am not convinced that is my reason. I’ve suffered with this when I was younger, too. And yes, I have tried taking melatonin. It doesn’t help.

Thanking God for this day, for all the blessings I see around me. Asking Him to prepare me this day for a full night’s sleep tonight.

I’m open for suggestions!