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When Vertigo Strikes Suddenly

Writing this from my recliner today. Last night I had a sudden onset of vertigo. The worst I’ve had in about 25 years. I couldn’t walk without grabbing hold of walls, chairs, anything near. And when I made it to bed, everything was horribly spinning. The headache and nausea was even worse. Today, I still have vertigo, but not to that extent. I just need to take everything slow and rest. Thankful God answered my prayers and allowed me to sleep. I didn’t move all night.

I missed my loving husband so much during my suffering. He was always so attentive and loving when I wasn’t well. It is during bouts of illness when my eyes are opened to how vulnerable a widow or widower feels. God created us to be in relationships. I texted one of my daughters to tell her what was going on and asked her to check on me today. I unlocked the storm door so either of my girls could gain access with their key to the front door. I believe it is always important when I’m ill to let one of them know.

Even though resting is always difficult for me, I will spend the day here in the recliner or in bed napping. I’m relying on God to bring me through this small storm.

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