Senior Life

Family, God, and Gatherings

Scrolling through Facebook memories this morning, I came across a picture that brought warm and happy memories. My family is awesome. After my hubby passed in June of 2013, Sundays were the hardest days of all for me. In order to help me through the grief, my family decided since everyone has to cook a meal, we should all gather at my home and share a big meal together.

I began to look forward to Sunday dinner with the family. The loneliness faded in the love and laughter of children and grandchildren gathered around me. My life had changed. God and family always help me through the roughest of times.

Since I moved to a small condo, it is more difficult to host family gatherings. I miss them. Another change in my life is spending most of my time in solitude. The winter months this season have seemed to be passing much slower than the past. I look out and long to be sitting on the front porch with God.

So today I decided to scroll through memories on Facebook of this day through the years. I was amazed to see how many times the ground was snow covered on this day! Today there is still snow in the valleys where the roof line come together. There is snow on the hill under the pine trees. And there is still now from the edge of my porch across the walk. It’s an icy snow that cannot be moved. I’ve tried!

While scrolling, I came across the post that triggered this blog. A family dinner on this day eight years ago. We decided to have a “theme” dinner and name all our contributions after road kill. I told you my family was a lot of fun! We laugh and let our hair down when we are together. It’s all good, clean, fun. Here are the pictures from that dinner:

I’m looking at beautiful sunshine today and I hear the temperatures might reach into the mid fifty range. I hope so. When spring finally brings flower blossoms, green grass, sunshine, and mild temperatures, I’m going to host a family gathering again. But our theme won’t be Mexican, like our Christmas dinner, or road kill, like this one. I’m thinking about doing a heaven themed dinner! I love to see my family’s creativity!