Senior Life

Reminder: It’s Not About Me

I’ve been on the social media program of Instagram for a couple of years. When I opened the account, I thought it would be a safe place where people just shared pictures. No words needed. No worry about mean people. I decided to keep it to my hobby of coloring. I enjoyed looking at pictures colored by others. I could appreciate all the work put into their projects. Coloring makes me happy and provides me quiet time with God.

Now I’m questioning why I need this platform. It entices me to check in to see how many people “liked” the picture I posted. It became a matter of pride. Yikes! It is so easy for pride to enter our lives without our even thinking about it. I allowed Facebook to become the same thing for me at one time. I had to step back and think about my reason for wanting a presence there. To me it was a ministry. I wanted to share a hopeful word, an inspirational word, or something lighthearted.

I made a decision to stay with Facebook only to be part of my ministry of sharing Jesus with the world and not caring a bit whether anyone “liked” what I might have to say. It took finding a balance of interacting with people who commented, and only check in twice a day.

As far as my coloring hobby, it isn’t a ministry. So the only reason I have for posting my finished work is to see if others like it! See how easily pride becomes a part of life? I’ve decided to withdraw posting my pictures unless I share something about why I color and how I’m so grateful God has given me the opportunity. I have the cute little faith sheep, I can place on my pictures which will testify to my faith.

Everything in life is a balancing act for me. I need to look at myself in the mirror each day and say, “It’s not about you.”