Senior Life

Living in Faith

The world stage seems to be poised, waiting, for what unfolds next. War, a great war, is a possibility. Sitting in our comfortable homes everything seems far away, as if it can’t touch us. Yet it can. And it is.

Bible prophecies are being lived out. Yet, we are taught to walk in faith. No matter how dire the circumstances God is still in control. He had a plan when He created us, and to Him people are more important than anything. He loves us. He wants as many as possible to be saved and spend eternity with Him.

Yes, I admit having moments of fear at the unknown, at seeing how we are making changes due to the economy. Our comfort zones are being shattered.

I cannot change what is happening. I can place my trust and faith in God. I can pray. And I can spend time reading the Bible to receive reassurance of His unfailing love.