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A Giving Heart

My great granddaughter came to visit on Sunday afternoon and she brought me a gift bag. Inside were these items.

A vase with purple flowers, a small flower pot with “keep going, keep growing”, a faith sign to color, floral stickers, a card, and a picture she colored. These items she purchased herself. She had a $50 visa gift card and asked to spend it at the local dollar store. She spent the entire amount purchasing items for people she cared about, along with items for herself. She was so happy giving these gifts. The card she bought me had a cat on the front and that’s why she wanted to give it to me. Didn’t matter that it was a get well card because she said if I ever felt bad or lonely, I could read the card and feel better!

My heart is still melting. She is seven years old and has such a giving heart! I saw God this afternoon in the joy of her giving gifts to others. If only we all could have a heart like this little child.

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