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Why I Love a Rainy Day

It’s a lovely rainy day! While the sky is cloudy and the grass is brown, I gaze through the raindrops on my window and see spring preparations. Soon the trees will be budding, the grass will turn green, and flowers will appear along with sunshine. There will be birds building nests, sitting in high places and singing songs of joy to praise God.

Yes, my back kept me moving slowly this morning, my knee grumbles when I bend it, and my left thumb revolts against being used. It’s all part of growing older. These are signs of changing weather, my own personal weather gauge. But I’m happy. These signs also give me reason to thank God for life, for another day. So, yes, I love a rainy day!

I did finish the picture over the weekend and wanted to share it with you. I’m excited to begin a new picture in the Worlds Within Worlds coloring book.

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