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A Fat Winter Robin

I was cheered by watching a fat robin foraging for breakfast this morning. I love robins and how they refuse to give in to the hardships of winter. They have learned how to adapt to the changing seasons without complaint.

While I wouldn’t want to be a robin, I admire their fortitude. They trust God completely. And He cares for them. So who am I to complain? God tells me I am worth more than a robin and I shouldn’t worry.

The biggest battlefield I face is the one in my mind. It’s my job to capture unhealthy thoughts and dispel them with the sword of truth. Each day I arm myself for the spiritual battles that are my responsibility. In this way, I’m also different from the robin. Yes, like him, I live in survival mode on a daily basis. We all do. But we have knowledge, the Word of God, spiritual armor, and the freedom to make choices.

I watch the robin find his breakfast in the below freezing temperature and smile at his success. God is faithful and His promises are true.


I finished coloring the sundial. The colors blend well with the opposite completed page.

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