Senior Life

Puzzles, Puzzles, Puzzles!

I have a friend who works the crossword puzzles in the newspaper every day. I’ve never been a big fan of crosswords, so I don’t know all those sneaky words used in those daily puzzles. My daughter bought me a wonderful “Brain Teasers” book for Mother’s Day last year. It is filled with various puzzles at different levels up to 5. I’ve been working them from front to back and am now on page 122 of 170 puzzle pages. Some pages only have one puzzle and others may have two or three depending the type.

Usually I work on these while I have breakfast each morning. Yesterday I started this crossword (level 4) and it is a tough one. I refuse to look at the answers in the back. I did resort to google to get the name of the man who played Dr. Eric Foreman on House. I never watched the show. It felt like cheating, and in fact it was, but how else would I get the answer?

I’m thinking level 5 is coming. Yikes! Yet I will continue, no matter how long it takes to complete the harder crosswords because I’m using my brain. I also work Soduko puzzles, mostly during commercials while I’m watching tv in the evening. And I like to work jigsaw puzzles, too.

Engaging the brain in things other areas than creativity in coloring or writing fiction is good for me. I miss the strategizing necessary to carry out my jobs in the corporate world, especially since I spend so much time alone without stimulus from the outside world.

I’m thankful for thoughtful gifts and for God’s love in providing what I need.