Senior Life

That Kind of Beautiful

Have you ever baked a cake and had it fall? Since it came out imperfect you throw it away? Or are you someone who finds a way to salvage it because regardless of the way it appears on the outside, the inside is good? How much does perfection mean to you? Do you look for it in others and in yourself?

I believe today’s culture puts too much emphasis on perfection. Women are having surgery and injections in an effort to “improve” how they look. If only they understood God created each of us and in His eyes we are beautiful just as we are. God doesn’t make mistakes.

There is nothing we can do to stop our bodies from aging. We need to learn to embrace the changes. True beauty is not found in outward appearance, but shines from within those who believe Jesus Christ was crucified, buried, and rose again. That’s the kind of beauty others notice. Let’s be that kind of beautiful!

Dear Lord, When I find it hard to love others, and when I find it difficult to love myself, remind me of how much You love me. Amen.