Senior Life

I Am A Blessed Senior

I’m a senior. There are aches and pains when one’s body begins to fail. It is easy to give in and become a recliner potato. I remember my grandmother spending all day in her rocker watching tv. I remember my mother spending all day in her recliner watching tv. Yesterday, after grocery shopping, I was in so much pain, I held back tears as I loaded my SUV. When everything was put away, I sank into my recliner to eat lunch and watch tv. I had other things I needed to do, but I couldn’t find the energy.

This morning I’m thinking about a young lady who has been in and out of the hospital to relieve pressure caused from SMA and Cerebrospinal fluids. She deals with headaches I cannot even imagine. After this latest surgery she is in such pain, she cannot open her eyes at all. As I pray for her I’m reminded how minor my little backache is.

I’m a senior. My body is deteriorating. It is part of the aging process. I thank God I’m able to drive to purchase groceries, and to carry them and put them away. It may take longer. It may cause discomfort. I need to put it into perspective!

I am a senior. I am blessed. I thank God.