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I think everyone understands the purpose of refueling. When vehicles are low on fuel, they need to have the gas tank filled. Otherwise, the motor won’t start. Our bodies need refueling, too. Runners and other athletes understand the importance of refueling in order to maintain strength and endurance.

As spiritual beings, humans also need to refuel our souls. Refuel our passion for Jesus. It is easy to neglect spending time with Him. Going to church and/or reading the Bible for a few minutes a day isn’t enough to fill our spiritual tanks. When our spiritual tanks are low, Satan is ready to fill us with lies.

Yesterday I attended a Refuel conference at Sycamore Creek Church. Going in I believed I’d been doing what I needed to do to keep my spiritual tank full. I learned differently. I left with my passion ignited, with God breaking my carefully erected comfort zone. He shattered the illusion of me having achieved the right to sit in my comfort zone because of age.

Now it is up to me to not procrastinate. One speaker spoke this truth to me: procrastination is arrogance. Yikes! How many excuses have I created to do nothing? I’m ashamed to admit the number cannot be counted, but is numerous. My spiritual tank was filled yesterday with a renewed passion for using my God given gift as it should be used…for others.

My focus word for 2022 is prayer. Not just praying for others in need, or for myself in my weakness. The goal in my mind is to spend more quality time with Jesus, with learning more about who God is and deepening my relationship with Him. I don’t want to make decisions without consulting Him first. I want to stop trying to do everything myself because in doing so I’m trying to be God. It’s very humbling to be exposed to the truth of who I am.

For years, I’ve struggled with how to use my passion for writing. I believe with all my heart this is a gift from God to be used for His glory. I’ve prayed for direction, been mistaken by Satan’s voice, given up, and been misled. How do I build a ministry with this gift is how I am praying now and taking time to listen so I discern God’s voice among the distractions.

Yesterday I learned distractions are unhealthy attractions. God never promised this life would be easy, not even when we feel we are in a good place spiritually. I don’t want to become arrogant in believing I’m who God wants me to be. I’m far from that. I need Him. Without Him, I am nothing. I know every day is an opportunity to learn from the Holy Spirit. I need to listen to wisdom, learn from mistakes, and never take my eyes off Jesus, off the Way to eternity.

I am refueled and ready to move into action wherever God is calling me.

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