Morning Thoughts

One Foot in Today, One Foot in Yesterday

So here it is April 1st of 2022. Amazing. Twenty two years plus into this century. I never in my wildest imagination saw me in this year prior to the turning of the century. The word century makes me think old. I am old in the eyes of those born in this century. I’m a relic.

This makes me laugh. My mind doesn’t see old any longer. Each day is an awesome gift to be savored and cherished. My body ages but my mind sees only possibilities in each given moment. Life is beautiful.

I’m happily sipping on my morning cup of Earl Grey Decaffeinated tea. My morning indulgence. In 1950, I never thought I’d have a machine to brew my tea. Maybe that’s why I place a tea bag in my mug and use the machine to add the hot water. I can’t see purchasing those little pod things when I can get a box of tea bags less expensive. LOL! But I’m buying into the faster cup of tea instead of wasting electricity while my teakettle heats for 10 minutes or more. I have one foot in 2022 and one foot in 1950.

Outside I watch a light rain falling with no hint of the snow flurries mixed in earlier. It’s a new day, a new month, and God woke me to be part of it all. I smile as I give thanks for this day, this moment, and this soothing cup of tea.