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My Diabetes Journal

The journal arrived and it is perfect for my tracking needs.

It took a couple days to remember to log everything I put in my mouth! The plus side is it provides an at a glance picture of how I’m managing my diet, including drinking water. Besides the cover is pretty, is it not?

So far I’m doing good at keeping my carbs right at 100 and my calories below 1200. I’ve changed my exercise time to mornings–30 minutes on the elliptical trainer. And I log all the stats on exercise from my Fitbit. I highlight where my numbers are jumping, especially from beginning evening fast to ending morning fast. Today my morning number was 30 points lower than normal, possibly because I ate a small snack to raise my glucose before going to bed. I like the fact that the journal allows me to see patterns and make adjustments as needed.

The biggest issue is my sore fingers from doing more finger sticking to track numbers than I’m used to. It is a little uncomfortable to type when all my fingertips are tender! I will need to slow down and choose the best strategic times to check, varying by day.

Another issue with diabetes is dry skin. I’ve tried many different brands of lotions, the most effective being Gold Bond for diabetics. My aged arthritic fingers have no fat pads and the skin is thin, making most finger sticks painful. I drop things a lot. Twice yesterday I was on the floor picking up the little “diamonds” from my diamond painting project. Very frustrating. Everything I do now takes time. I’m grateful I can still use my fingers and hands, can get on the floor and back up again, and continue with hobbies I enjoy.

If you have diabetes, you might benefit from using a tracking journal, whether it’s one similar to mine, or one you create yourself in a notebook. Tracking everything is beneficial. I know from experience it is easy to deceive myself about what I’m actually eating, etc.

I give thanks to God every day for His blessings. Others are not as fortunate in their health issues. If you are reading this, whether you suffer from diabetes or a different affliction, I ask God to bless you today.

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