Morning Thoughts

Cute Ducks…MEAN Ducks!

It’s the season when the ducks are very active in my area. They are pairing up and looking for places to make nests. I love watching the females wander around looking at all the garden areas while the males waddle along behind them. What I dislike is seeing two males fighting over a female. It is vicious and I’d never thought about cute little ducks being that mean.

I suppose all species have their mean side. The cutest of animals can be aggressive. The prettiest of humans can be aggressive, hiding the darkness behind a smile and passive aggressive words. Some days I want to sit behind the safety of my office view and observe rather than participate. Yet God calls me to more. He calls me to share hope and light in the midst of all the meanness in the world.

I smile at the pear blossoms, the ducks, and the beautiful and peaceful scene God has painted for me this morning and give thanks. Thanks for life and opportunities to share His goodness.