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Changes, Easter, and Helping a Young Writer

Dear Reader,

What a beautiful weekend I’ve experienced. Good Friday worship service was phenomenal. Not only was it uplifting and humbling, but I found myself on my knees, literally, praying in thanksgiving. Easter service was beautiful. When I arrived the parking lot was filled on all three sides of the church as the first service had not yet been dismissed. Through the walls I heard music and voices lifted in praise! I cannot describe the joy this gave me. There is nothing to compare to the voices of the church praising God.

My son-in-love cooked the Easter dinner. I didn’t have to make a single dish. It was a small gathering of me, my daughter, son-in-love, and grandson. Food tastes so much better shared with family!

Now it is Monday morning and I’m looking across the bright green landscape. The mowers did their job on Saturday which makes everything look lush and beautiful. The geese are flying overhead making their way from another pond to ours. All is calm and peaceful. Looking through my window there is no indication of how chaotic this world is. I’m grateful.

I’ve decided not to post every single day as I have been doing, but to scale back to two or three times a week. I’m nearly finished writing Katy’s Heart and I’ll tell you more about the book in an upcoming blog post. Yesterday, at church, I connected with a young writer I’ve been working with for several years. After graduating college, she spent time in Korea working with children. What a wonderful experience for her! But it is nice to see her back in church again. She is focusing now on writing a Y.A. book and hopes to make this her career. I’m excited to be her encourager and supporter, offering whatever knowledge of writing I can.

I may be aging, but aren’t we all? God doesn’t look at age as being a deterrent in life. And neither do I. When He calls, I will answer. Helping a young writer is a calling. I’m honored to say yes. And so, dear reader, this is me signing off until next time.

Love, Carol Ann