Morning Thoughts · Senior Life

Years of Blessing

I think my mom would have enjoyed living here. The last years of her life, she spent all day and evening watching television and solving word search puzzles. I can see her sitting on the porch and passing time. Add my late husband to a chair beside her and I can hear them exchanging stories. I’d be sitting across from them and listening with a happy heart. It might encourage me to put bird food out to draw the birds closer since both of them liked to watch birds.

Mom lived in a wooded valley and often had visitors of the furry masked kind. She fed the racoons bread and leftovers and always had a pan of water for them to wash their hands. When we’d visit, it was a treat for us when they would knock on her door asking for dinner. We’d stay inside and watch them with awe since we were city dwellers.

Some mornings I watch my quiet landscape and enjoy happy memories. Sipping a cup of tea with gratitude for the years of blessing in my life.