Morning Thoughts

Mother’s Day Morning Memories

I wish my mother was alive today so I could wish her Happy Mother’s Day. I wish I could give her a present to let her know I love her and thank her for giving me life. There comes a time when you realize the absences of loved ones in your life. Today is one of those days for me.

Mom and Templeton

Perhaps I’m melancholy because I said goodbye to Templeton on Friday as he crossed Rainbow Bridge. I miss his presence.


My daughters treated me to lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant yesterday. We always have fun when we get together. I’ve noticed lately they have been putting us as far away as possible from other tables/booths. They know us now and how we can burst into loud laughter throughout out meal. Yesterday even evoked both a snort and a cackle! Yes, we are those crazy ladies. We are crazy for Jesus and crazy for each other. That’s family.

Daughters Bring Joy

I remember how I could sometimes get my mom to join into our craziness. Have to share this picture taken at her great grandson’s birthday celebration. What about those teeth!! LOL!

Mom, Julie and Me Being Silly

This picture makes me smile and thankful for the time mom lived with me and my hubby. On this Mother’s Day I miss giving her a hug and telling her I love her.

But memories keep our loved ones alive in our hearts. I thank God for years of memory making and for the hope of seeing my loved ones again in heaven.