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Book Edits and Rewards

It’s been lovely working on the porch recently. I completely finished the first read through and edit of Katy’s Heart and have run through a robust editing service with multiple feedback reports. I was pleased to see how high it fell on the strong writing scale. The current edits are from these reports. Hoping to finish this week. So happy the goal of publication in mid-June is on track! It will be released in e-book format first as it takes a few days longer for the print formatting to be completed.

One reward is going to be a visit with my daughter and son-in-love in North Carolina. I am excited to visit with them and to see their new home. I haven’t taken any trips in over 5 years! Excited to see the mountain scenery on the drive and take pictures when I can. The new tablet takes fabulous pictures.

The weather has been great for walking. This is another reward I give myself after a session of work. Walking helps the stiff muscles, especially in my upper back. Breathing in fresh air, the kiss of sunshine on my face, make my smile. So far this spring into summer season is lovely. My cone flowers are looking quite healthy, and I hope to see blooms soon. What I love about these plants is their long blooming time and minimal care. Life is beautiful every single day. All glory to God!

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