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Horses, NC, and a Lovely Visit

We made it safely to NC yesterday in time for a delicious dinner prepared by my daughter. We drove through rain the entire way. The mountains looked so beautiful with the clouds trickling down like waterfalls. As I looked out the window, I told my son-in-love I can’t imagine how anyone can see this and believe there isn’t a God.

Their home is lovely and the views are fantastic! I will take some pictures later today. I did, however, get this early morning picture of the horses across the street.

Right now I’m enjoying a cup of tea with my daughter and having a nice chat before she fixes omelets for breakfast! I’m enjoying Homer, the dog, so much. He thinks I came to visit just him and he is loving the attention and I’m giving him. He’s a big boy, but thinks he is a lap dog. Then there is Annie, the cat. She’s a sweet purrbox. I’ll be bringing a lot of her hair back on the black tee I wore to travel in. LOL! Then there’s Digit the cat. What can I say but BEWARE! He is mean. This morning he was waiting for me in the hallway outside my bedroom and was determined to keep me in. He sat in the middle of the hall and when I tried to walk past he held up a paw, his ears laid back, and growled at me! He’s a biter since he doesn’t have claws. I feared he might wrap around my leg and bite my ankle! I made it to the kitchen dining area safely, but he wasn’t happy. I’ve been trying not to annoy him, but he’s keeping his eyes on me.

This afternoon we are walking to the neighbors’ (who are on vacation) to gather eggs. And I’m hoping to take some decent pictures to share on tomorrow’s blog.