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A Strange Thing Happened on a Trip to the Dollar Store

Another day has come and nearly passed on my vacation in NC. Before I begin the picture account of my day, let me tell you what happened on our trip to the Dollar store to purchase a place mat to use for making stencils. We came on a construction area on a rural road and were stopped by a guy in a neon vest and hard hat holding a stop sign. The road was blocked into one lane. Nothing new there, but what we saw was a white pickup truck going about 2 miles per hour to the top of the small hill, then turning around and coming back. The vehicles stopped on the opposite end followed the truck, again going the same barely moving speed. Then he turned around and headed back up the hill, same speed. We were allowed to follow him then! I mean would you have wanted his job? LOL!

I started the morning sitting on my daughter’s front porch and reading my Bible. The horses were in the pasture across the street. I love watching them.

My Bible Reading View
The Beautiful Horses

I walked down the road to get close enough to get a good picture of the horses. On my way back I saw my daughter and Homer waiting for me.

This is the fake rock in all yards here. It hides the wells!

Digit their other cat is still not friendly to me. I tried to take his picture but he insisted in sitting under the chair where he could sneak jump attack me!

Later I caught him protecting the door so I couldn’t get out again.

I took a few pics of the house but didn’t get every room.

I caught pics of son-in-love weeding his gardens and with Homer.

My daughter is an excellent cook. Pictures taken at dinner this evening.

As soon as we finished eating an older couple came to the door. They live across the street and stopped on their way to church to meet Delana and Paul. They apologized for waiting so long to do so. Learned the horses aren’t theirs but their daughter-in-love’s. Both she and her husband do rodeos. These horses are extras and the ones they are using for barrel racing and roping are in another pasture further up the hill.

It was a good day. I’m heading to bed tired and happy and thankful to God for everything. Until tomorrow, be kind and share love not hate.

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