Senior Life


Hope you all had a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July. I was fortunate enough to watch a neighboring city’s fireworks from the comfort of my living room. If I hadn’t already put my nightgown on, I would have sat on the porch to watch. I realize how little so many of the holidays have an effect on me the more I age. I’ve really become a hermit type person. It’s a good thing I can use my creative nature to provide engaging activities. I have, however, lost my ability to be conversational. I tend to listen more than contribute when I’m with other humans. I don’t suppose that’s a bad thing. We do need to listen more to what others are saying, especially God.

In my silent observation of nature, I think about God and how He created us to be like Him. I know how far short I fall on this scale, and I’m humbled to know he loves me despite my imperfections. Our world is so full of chattering, with everyone trying hard to be the voice to be heard, it is difficult to sift through the noise and choose. Therefore, I have chosen to avoid the news, and the clamor outside and around me. I just want to hear what God is saying.

With Him I find peace. I’m a nature loving person who doesn’t have the courage to go off alone in nature any longer. I realize older people are vulnerable to those who see them as easy targets. I’ve become a bit paranoid, I guess. I miss being able to commune with nature when my hubby and I would travel together. But those times are over.

So now I sit on my porch or in front of my windows and look at the views God has created. And I listen. And I’m thankful.