Senior Life

How Can I Not?

Do you ever have a day where you feel especially blessed and happy? That was me yesterday. I went to my local Aldi store to purchase almond milk and a couple produce items. At this store, you need to have a quarter to get a basket (which is returned when you return the cart). As I approached the baskets, a gentleman was getting a cart for him and his wife. He held out his hand and asked for my quarter. His wife smiled and told me he was getting a cart for me. It’s the little acts of kindness that lift my heart and make me smile all day!

Then after getting home, my youngest daughter called me. Now I do get calls from my middle and oldest daughters, but my youngest rarely phones. She was walking on her lunch hour and decided to chat with me! My spirits were so uplifted as we chatted for the next 45 minutes! After our chat, I felt motivated to make sure I add doing at least one act of kindness on a daily basis as part of my 75 day soft challenge. Even if it’s saying hello and smiling at a neighbor, a store clerk, or a stranger I meet on my outings. It might be a phone call just to say hi and I love you, or even a text.

Lift is short, and I have been so uplifted today and so thankful to God. Every time I think of Him and His goodness, I smile. How can I not?