Through the Eyes of Others

I sometimes receive comments on social media calling me a strong woman and one who Christ works through. These words surprise me because I don’t see myself in this way.

I don’t feel strong…not ever. All my strength comes from God when I turn to Him in my need. I never thought how this might look through the eyes of another person. When tragedy strikes, I depend heavily on my relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. Jesus hold me up in the moments my knees are weak and ready to collapse. He alone sees my tears and dries them. I don’t cry out on social media in my pain for assistance from others. I know that is useless.

So perhaps when others see me, they are witnessing the me that is clinging to the hand of the only One who is supporting me. Maybe they see Christ in my demeanor.

I try to be encouraging and share how God can change lives if we believe, trust, and allow the transformation. I don’t see the results often, so I never know if what I am doing is helping to share the good news.

But maybe others see what I don’t.

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Carol Ann Erhardt

I've been publishing 4-and-5-star books since 2006. All current titles are listed on my Books page. My daily life is filled with funny moments shared with my cat, Finnegan. He has a diary on this website as well. My blog contains information about my daily life, thoughts, and inspirations. I am a Christian woman who enjoys helping others.

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