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Inside the Writer’s Mind with Binoculars

I had a little fun on my Facebook page, Books by Carol Ann, yesterday. I used my binoculars to watch a few hawks who’d perched atop electric poles across the pond from my office window. As I did so, my imagination began to kick into action, as happens with writers.

I wondered what neighbors would think if they spied me at the window with big binoculars! Would they wonder if I was spying on them, or if I’d seen something they couldn’t see. The more I thought about this the funnier it got, so I started posting on my page little funny posts about this.

Later I had brunch with my daughter and she and I started laughing about it. She decided it would be funny to come to my place and she’d take pictures of me with the binoculars peering through the slats of the CLOSED blinds. I agreed it would be hilarious to add this to the post. I had posted on my regular FB timeline, too, and that’s where she put them. I added them to my Books by Carol Ann page as well.

You are invited to come to visit my page to see the pictures and I hope you’ll leave a comment, too. Here’s the link or if you have Facebook, you can search for Books by Carol Ann. Like the page if you want to. I’d love to interact with you there.

I suppose the point of the post is that writer’s have very active imaginations. While my last book, Katy’s Heart, was not a romantic suspense as are my other books, I seem to always think of the what ifs in a suspenseful format. Thus, the binoculars. Perhaps they will appear in my next series…to be announced soon.